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 Mermaid Chalk Mural, chalk pastel on concrete, 2013. Another collaboration with my fellow Carlie... The dolphin is her work, the mermaid was mine. (See close-up below). You all have no idea how hard it is to take a decent picture of a chalk mural. Seriously. I had to climb upstairs to the wing of classrooms by where we drew this, lean waaaaay dangerously out the window, pull aside a tree branch- all for the sake of art, though, huh?:)

 Insanely Cool Dinosaur Mural For Mitch's Room, interior paints, 2012- (still in progress here) This is the chalk sketch. (Mitchell wanted me to keep the pink chalk dust on the floor since he likes the color pink so much...) And for all of you non-dino-people, that's a brachiosaurus on the left, a pteranodon on the top right, and a spinosaurus on the right. You're welcome.

Blocking some colors in here... The brown is just an underpainting for the grassy fern stuff that'll be there later. Mitchell was worried those dinosaurs would be standing on dirt. Oh no, there WILL be grass. And those spiky things at the bottom will be fernish things later, purple, per his request.

More exciting developments in the pteranodon department... 

Woah! Green grass, not brown!

Completed Brachiosaurus, Pteranodon, and background. (I wanted lava flowing down the side of the volcano, but my little assistant pointed out that that wouldn't really be realistic: "Then the dinosaurs would all be running away!" ...well... good point. I guess this is payback for me not wanting to put dinosaurs from mis-matched time periods in this, even though his favorites were from a few different ones...) The only thing left to do is the ferns in the front (those funny-looking purple stalks) and the Spinosaurus, which was NOT cooperating with me tonight, for whatever reason. Darn you, dinosaur. I'm not sad this one is extinct.

Voila! I somehow finally beat that noncooperative spinosaurus into submission and it turned out decently. Once this was finished, I don't think I ever wanted to look at another dinosaur again. Ever. Mitchell liked it okay, though, so I suppose it wasn't a total loss:)

 Peter and Wendy, 2012, side walk chalk mural (co-created with a fellow Carly at school), took first place in LLHS 2012 chalk-drawing contest. Woo woo! The picture isn't at the best angle, but I drew Peter, she drew Wendy. It was about 4'x9'ish.

Mural For Maddie's Room, 2011, eggshell interior paints.

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  1. Mitch and Maddie must be so happy! looks great Car!!!!!!!